Michele has collected art her entire life with one guiding philosophy: buy what you love. Before opening her gallery, she worked as a graphic designer by day, and volunteered at the Oakland Museum of California’s annual White Elephant Sale in her spare time. “It’s an amazing place to learn,” says Michele, who has developed a discerning eye while looking through thousands of collections, rare prints, signed photos and sculpture donated to the sale. “I have worked alongside many of the Bay Area’s leading art experts who have taught me about things like appraisal, technique, framing and art history. The key is to listen to everything they have to say.”

After many years working with the museum, Michele was inspired to make great, affordable art available to everybody. Her focus is art of unknown, outlier and undiscovered artists. Disrupting the conventional, conditioned approach to buying art. And her efforts have certainly paid off: MGH is a favorite among leading Bay Area interior designers and collectors sourcing original art for their projects.

Excerpt from Chairish, read the whole interview here…

Having recently moved to NYC, MGH is now accessible on both coasts.
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