Abstract Expressionism Countour Drawing 3 1950s

Abstract Expressionism Countour Drawing 3 1950s


Ruth Opper

Abstract Expressionism


Ink and Pastel Contour Drawing

18" x 12", Unframed

Very Good Condition - Minor wear consistent with age and history. Paper has yellowing in some areas. Tape along left margin of paper.

id century ink and pastel contour drawing on newsprint paper in the abstract expressionist style. Signed Ruth Opper in ink lower right. 

From the estate of Ruth Friedmann Opper  & Jerry Opper. Ruth was the daughter of Bauhaus artist, Gustav Friedmann. 


San Francisco Abstract Expression

A free-spirited wave of creative energy swept through the San Francisco art community after World War II. Challenging accepted modes of painting, Abstract Expressionists produced highly experimental works that jolted the public out of its postwar complacency. 

Abstract Expressionism resulted from a broad collective impulse rather than the inspiration of a small band of New York artists. Documenting the interchanges between the East and West Coasts, she cites areas of mutual influence and shows the impact of San Francisco on the New York School, including artists such as Mark Rothko and Ad Reinhardt. San Francisco's Beat poets, Dixieland jazz musicians, and the area's stunning vistas were essential parts of Abstract Expressionism, as were artistic and spiritual contacts with Asia.

Under Douglas MacAgy and Clyfford Still, the California School of Fine Arts became the undisputed center of vanguard abstraction on the West Coast. Artists such as Edward Corbett, Jay DeFeo, James Budd Dixon, Frank Lobdell, and Hassel Smith produced gritty, provocative images whose impact extended well beyond California.

Susan Landauer (Author)


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