19 August 2015

In this blog you will find ideas about art, home decor, and fashion that I find inspiring. I didn't want to start a blog but everything I have read and people in the industry have all suggested that I do it. So, here we are. 

I should start by saying I do not claim to be an art expert or an expert in anything for that matter. I just know what inspires me and drives me to work. From a young age I have been inspired by all things beautiful. I used to beg my mom to set the table with linens and the "special" dishes. She would oblige. I took pride in decorating my room with things that made me happy and keeping it clean. I have always surrounded myself with stuff that I love. I have collected art since high school and have grown my collection over the years. I can't explain exactly what style I love I just know when I see something it is how it makes me feel. It is definitely an eclectic mix of bohemian, preppy, punk and industrial. Not sure if that all works together in a traditional design sense but it works for me. I think that is the key to good decorating. Use what makes you happy. 

I hope I can inspire you with some of the art and objects I have collected. 

I would love to hear what inspires you and how you use it in your everyday life. 


Here is an example of buying what you love and enjoying it everyday:

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