When MGH Discovered Art

Nice To Meet You!

I wanted to thank you again for visiting our store. Since MGH Discovered Art is an online gallery I don't have the chance to greet you when you walk in, so this is my virtual greeting.


When did I discover art?

I have been an art enthusiast my whole life. For me, art fills a space in my heart. It is a feeling similar to being in love. My heart races, it is all I think about, I am giddy with excitement. That feeling has never left me...


How I started discovering art:

In Oakland, California there is a 96,000 sq. ft. warehouse that holds the treasures of the world and beyond. Well, that might be an exaggeration. But it holds all of the contents from the Oakland Museum of California's annual White Elephant Sale. I volunteer in the art department at the warehouse and it is there that I really discovered art. Every month we sort through, research and appraise all of the art donated to the sale.

Learning about the artists that were never "discovered" and seeing their work fascinates me. I work alongside the Bay Area's most knowledgeable art experts, the most talented artists, distinguished curators, teacher and docents. I am so lucky. I have learned more about art in this warehouse than I could ever learn taking college art courses. Every time I walk in that warehouse I get that same feeling...


Why I opened a MGH Discovered Art?

I found my passion. Working in the warehouse and helping customers find a special piece of art is something I love doing. Discovering the art of the "unknowns" and bringing their art and story to the public is my passion. That is why I opened MGH Discovered Art. I get to do all the things I love and share it with the world. And everyday when I start work, I still get that feeling...


So, what's your story? I'd love to hear how and when you discovered art!


Talk soon,

Michele Hembree

Bringing Art to the People!


How two collectors Discovered Art!



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