BIG, small News


Wait for it....


I am so excited to announce my BIG small news to you guys!


The BIG news is that I have signed a lease for my very own showroom for MGH Discovered Art. While I loved being a vendor at Lost City Antiques, this new space is really my very own. My own front door, my own walls, my very own bathroom! The small news is that the space is small, very small. 125 square feet to be exact. But I have my own bathroom and that is huge! The space needs just a bit of work- painting, new lighting- and then I will be ready to open by appointment only. The address is 1406 Park Street, Suite 400, located on the back side of DeLauer's magazine shop between Santa Clara and Central in lovely Downtown Alameda.


More BIG news....I have been working with Adele Berry from Brandora Collective for the last few months on branding and marketing and she is designing a new logo for MGH. Adele is so talented and professional and really understands the MGH vision, so I am especially excited to see what she comes up with. Stay tuned for that reveal!


Even more BIG news, I have also hired a copywriter for my blog on the MGH website. I love keeping my customers and supporters informed about what is happening at MGH, but I am not a writer, and I don't especially like writing. Erin Gilchrist-Brown is going to be stepping in for me as the MGH blogess. She is smart and funny and I know you will enjoy her musings about MGH. We will be working together each month to ensure the blog is a must read and hope to keep you all entertained and informed. 


That is it for now! I don't think I could handle any more BIG news. As always, click here to check out my new inventory, and make sure to head over to my MGH Instagram for a behind the scenes glimpse of the new space.