F*ck Fear

Have you ever jumped head first into something that you have zero experience doing...

Well that has been this entire year for me. And I'm doing it again. Yes, I may be a bit crazy (at least according to my teenagers), but the rewards are so great. The thing about challenging yourself and pushing through the fear is that no matter what the result is, there is growth.

In August MGH Discovered Art will be participating as a vendor in SHOPPE OBJECT

"SHOPPE OBJECT is New York's semiannual independent home and gift show. With a curated roster of visionary brands and makers presented in an elevated boutique setting, SHOPPE OBJECT is the ultimate resource for premier merchants and influential editors."

I've never participated in a trade show, in fact I have only attended two trade shows and SHOPPE OBJECT was one of them. So of course there is fear because I have no idea what to expect and I’m afraid of failing. What I do know is that I can plan and be prepared for what I need it to be for me. Fear is standing in front of me but I know that if it's not scary it's probably not worth doing. Tell me, how do you push through fear?

I'm so grateful to you all for being in this with me. 

Staying Inspired in NYC…

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