Outsider Art Landscape Marker Drawing Camille Shelley Holvoet

Outsider Art Landscape Marker Drawing Camille Shelley Holvoet


Camille Shelley Holvert
Free Store of the Future
Marker Drawing on Paper
32 1/4" x 20 1/4", Unframed

Excellent Condition - Minor wear and tear consistent with age and history

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About the artist:

For 12 years Holvoet has worked at Creativity Explored making brightly colored, desirous cakes and cross-eyed smiling figures in oil pastels and other media. The background of Holvoet’s drawings often include scrawled text which can be narrative or bluntly state the artist’s desires. While cheerful at first glance, these commanding graphic works also reveal the artist’s experiences of living in mental institutions, her frustrated sexuality, and her vivid memories of childhood.

A dually-diagnosed artist with a developmental disability and mental illness, Holvoet makes art that is unique in its intensity and self-awareness, qualities that have entranced art collectors around the world. The artist’s signature designs have a huge following in the design world, and have been licensed to organizations ranging from the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy to San Francisco Bay Area artisan chocolatier Recchiuti Confections.

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