Geometric Ceramic Abstract Sculpture Kaiser Suidan

Geometric Ceramic Abstract Sculpture Kaiser Suidan


Kaiser Suidan, 2005, Ceramic and Paint, Untitled, 6" x 10 1/2"

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Ceramic, geometirc sculpture signed by artist Kaiser Suidan and dated 2005. Shapes are stacked and morphed into one another and painted gun-metal gray. Measures 10 1/2" H x 6" W. 

Kaiser Suidan Bio:

First generation Lebanese, Kaiser Suidan was raised in a large family, six brothers and one sister, in a small town of Michigan. His passion for gardening, working with the earth and organic forms, eventually inspired him to investigate clay.

Kaiser’s creative process therefore has been inspired throughout his career by his interest in the geometrical forms of nature. From his early bi-conical pieces to more recent installations such as “ Gun Metal Cubes”, he never tires of recasting ideas and exploring the limits of ceramic forms.

A journey that began as early as junior high school and continued into high school where he won numerous awards for his ceramic works and eventually earned him a full scholarship to the College of Creative Studies in Detroit. After graduation, Kaiser instructed classes in the Ceramics Extension Program.

From a small basement studio, Kaiser has grown as an artist and businessman. In 1995, he opened the Next Step Studios in Ferndale, Michigan. Today, he uses Next Step Studios to develop and display works of art ranging in taste and function, along with the works of a few very talented colleagues who share some of his taste if not his direction. His acceptance into SOFA in 2004 in Chicago as a gallery further validates his growth.

His passion for clay continues as he looks for his own next step in life while continuing his personal journey through the arts.